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Susana. Iroko Discus Wooden Earrings with Blue Shell inlay A138-1

Susana. Iroko Discus Wooden Earrings with Blue Shell inlay A138-1

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Discarded wood products

Discarded remnant Wood from Furniture factory

Susana Wooden Earrings

Create Your Own Fashion Trends with Susana Wooden Earrings

Style is about creating your own trends, not following others. The Susana Wooden Earrings are handcrafted from Iroko wood, featuring a Wax satin Finish, a unique Carved shape, Discus Shape, Blue Shell celluloid inlay, and Wire beading hoops, setting you apart in the world of fashion.

Product Details

  • Product name: Susana
  • SKU: A138-1
  • Wood: Iroko
  • Finish: Wax satin Finish
  • Shape: Carved shape, Discus Shape
  • Inlay: Blue Shell celluloid inlay
  • Beads: Not applicable
  • Earring Hooks: Wire beading hoops


  • Dimension Metric
    • Height: 33mm
    • Width: 33mm
  • Dimension Inches
    • Height: 1.3in
    • Width: 1.3in


Weight: 3gr (0.11oz)

Perfect Gift

Susana Wooden Earrings make for the perfect gift for various special occasions, including first dates, anniversaries, birthdays, cocktail parties, festive events, mothers-day, valentines-day, and other memorable occasions.

Suitable For

These wooden earrings are suitable for individuals who love Artsy, Bohemian, Chic, Elegant, Exotic, Vibrant, Vintage, Minimalist, and Trendy fashion styles.

Additional Information

Length measures do not include the earring hooks. Wood processing for each piece includes shaping, a multi-step sanding process, and finally wood wax finishing. Covers used are all natural and ecological. Each piece of wood is unique, and each earring might slightly differ from others regarding the structure of wood grains. Also, sometimes color may slightly vary according to each monitor's settings.

The Value of Choice

Donning our wooden earrings ushers in an atmosphere of serene elegance and tranquility. They don't merely augment your fashion; they reshape your mood and surroundings, setting the stage for an ambiance steeped in serene elegance and authenticity. It's like constructing a fashion environment where serenity and style harmoniously coexist, and character is extolled.

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