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Vedika. Oak Wave Wooden Earrings with Brawn-Gold Shell inlay A154-4

Vedika. Oak Wave Wooden Earrings with Brawn-Gold Shell inlay A154-4

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Discarded wood products

Discarded remnant Wood from Furniture factory

Vedika Wooden Earrings - SKU: A154-4

Vedika Wooden Earrings - SKU: A154-4

Product Details

  • SKU: A154-4
  • Wood: Oak
  • Weight: 1.2gr (0.04oz)


Elevate your style with confidence by adorning Vedika Wooden Earrings. Crafted from exquisite Oak wood, these chic earrings feature a wax satin finish, a beautifully carved wave shape, and brown-gold shell celluloid inlay, creating a distinctive and elegant look. The addition of crystalline polyhedral platinum-plated beads enhances their charm.

Perfect Gift

Vedika Wooden Earrings are the ideal gift for celebrating special occasions, including anniversaries, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, festive events, first dates, birthdays, Christmas, cocktail parties, and more. Their timeless and versatile style makes them a thoughtful and fashionable choice for any recipient.

Unique and Eco-Friendly

These wooden earrings not only make a style statement but also reflect eco-friendliness. Crafted with a commitment to ecological values, each piece undergoes a meticulous process of shaping, multi-step sanding, and wood wax finishing. The use of all-natural ecological materials and minimizing waste align with our dedication to environmental responsibility.

Keep in mind that each piece of wood is unique, resulting in distinct wood grain patterns. Additionally, color variations may occur due to monitor settings. Vedika Wooden Earrings are truly one-of-a-kind, just like the individuals who wear them.

Fashion and Style

Confidence is the ultimate style accessory, and Vedika Wooden Earrings are here to help you express your unique style with poise. These earrings are suitable for a wide range of fashion styles, from Casual and Chic to Elegant, Ethnic, Bohemian, Artsy, Trendy, and Rocker. Remember that your style is an extension of your individuality, and wearing Vedika Earrings is a confident step in that direction.

To further enhance your fashion sense, consider the art of accessorizing wisely and prioritizing quality. Confidence and self-assuredness are the keys to making any outfit truly shine. Embrace your style and be ready to turn heads wherever you go.

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