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Aaeda. Walnut Rectangle Wooden Earrings with Marquetry Geometric pattern inlay A172-7

Aaeda. Walnut Rectangle Wooden Earrings with Marquetry Geometric pattern inlay A172-7

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Discarded wood products

Discarded remnant Wood from Furniture factory

Aaeda Wooden Earrings - SKU: A172-7

Aaeda Wooden Earrings - SKU: A172-7


"Style is the art of making the familiar look new and exciting," and the Aaeda Wooden Earrings exemplify this concept. These earrings, handcrafted from exquisite Walnut wood, feature a Wax satin Finish that brings out their natural elegance. The Rectangle Shape is adorned with Wood Marquetry Geometric pattern inlay, accentuated by Wood ecru beads and Red Cube beads, creating a look that feels fresh and exciting. These earrings are beautifully complemented by Pink Gold plated earring hooks.

Product Details

Product name: Aaeda
SKU: A172-7
Wood: Walnut
Finish: Wax satin
Shape: Rectangle
Inlay: Wood Marquetry Geometric pattern
Beads: Wood ecru and Red Cube
Earring Hooks: Pink Gold plated


Dimension Metric
Height: 65mm
Width: 8mm

Dimension Inches
Height: 2.56in
Width: 0.31in


Weight: 1.2gr (0.04oz)

Fashion and Style

Aaeda Wooden Earrings bring a sense of new and exciting style to your wardrobe. Ideal for enthusiasts of Exotic, Ethnic, and Elegant fashion styles, these earrings add a fresh, captivating allure to your fashion choices, making every occasion special.

Our wooden earrings embody the local color of nature. Their hues are drawn from the environment, setting a mood that resonates with the spirit of the natural world. With Aaeda Wooden Earrings, your style becomes a canvas where the familiar is reborn with the vibrant and exciting colors of nature.

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