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Aagya. Walnut Rectangle Wooden Earrings with Marquetry Geometric pattern inlay A172-6

Aagya. Walnut Rectangle Wooden Earrings with Marquetry Geometric pattern inlay A172-6

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Discarded wood products

Discarded remnant Wood from Furniture factory

Aagya Wooden Earrings - SKU: A172-6

Aagya Wooden Earrings - SKU: A172-6


"Style is the art of making the familiar look new and exciting," and the Aagya Wooden Earrings exemplify this concept. These exquisite earrings are crafted from Walnut wood and feature a Wax satin Finish. Their Rectangle Shape is adorned with a Wood Marquetry Geometric pattern inlay and Wood beads, along with Light salmon polyhedral beads that add a touch of excitement. The earrings are completed with Pink Gold plated earring hooks, making them the perfect fusion of elegance and novelty.

Product Details

Product name: Aagya
SKU: A172-6
Wood: Walnut
Finish: Wax satin
Shape: Rectangle
Inlay: Wood Marquetry Geometric pattern
Beads: Wood and Light salmon polyhedral
Earring Hooks: Pink Gold plated


Dimension Metric
Height: 65mm
Width: 8mm

Dimension Inches
Height: 2.56in
Width: 0.31in


Weight: 1.3gr (0.05oz)

Fashion and Style

Aagya Wooden Earrings redefine style and elevate your fashion choices. Ideal for Artsy, Bohemian, Casual, Chic, and Vintage fashion enthusiasts, they add excitement and elegance to your look. These earrings are the perfect gift for special occasions, making them a timeless and versatile accessory.

Wearing our wooden earrings gives you a sense of freedom. They are like a vast open field for your fashion imagination, allowing your style to soar. With Aagya Wooden Earrings, you're not just accessorizing; you're creating an artful expression of style and individuality.

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