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Daia. Oak Triangle Wooden Earrings with Shell inlay and Brown - Gold beads A157-2

Daia. Oak Triangle Wooden Earrings with Shell inlay and Brown - Gold beads A157-2

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Discarded wood products

Discarded remnant Wood from Furniture factory

Daia Wooden Earrings

Daia Wooden Earrings

Product Details:

  • Product Name: Daia
  • SKU: A157-2
  • Wood: Oak
  • Finish: Waterbased Satin Varnish Finish
  • Inlay: Brawn-Gold Shell celluloid inlay
  • Beads: Brown polyhedral beads, Brown polyhedral iridescent beads
  • Hooks: Gold plated earring hooks


  • Metric: Height 55mm, Width 12mm
  • Inches: Height 2.17in, Width 0.47in
  • Weight: 1.35gr (0.05oz)


Elevate your style with the "Daia" wooden earrings. These exquisite earrings feature a Waterbased Satin Varnish Finish, enhancing their natural beauty. They are adorned with a Brawn-Gold Shell celluloid inlay and complemented by Brown polyhedral beads and Brown polyhedral iridescent beads. The gold plated earring hooks add a touch of elegance to this stunning pair.

Style Suggestions:

Suggested for those who appreciate Bohemian, Artsy, Chic, Elegant, Ethnic, and Exotic fashion styles. "Daia" wooden earrings are a versatile accessory suitable for various occasions, including first dates, anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, valentines-day, mothers-day, and other special moments.

Please Note:

  • Length measures do not include the hook.
  • Each wooden piece is carefully crafted, involving shaping, multi-step sanding, and a final wood wax finish.
  • We prioritize eco-friendliness by using all-natural ecological materials.
  • Keep in mind that each piece of wood is unique, with slight differences in wood grain structure.
  • Color may also vary slightly depending on your monitor settings.

Remember, tailoring can make any outfit look polished. Add the "Daia" wooden earrings to your ensemble to achieve a refined and elegant look for various occasions.

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